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Sun-arch Industries

History of uPVC

We are pleased to share the history of Sun-Arch UPVC Material that includes product category, along with unique features as below:

  • UPVC is based on the Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer; however, in order to make it work as a Roof, there are many additives as well as stabilizers used!
  • The special heat as well as UV Stabilizer Additives plays an essential part in PVC Formulation that is further destined in manufacturing UPVC Roof Sheet.
  • The first PVC Material product was being pipes, which was introduced in early 70’s in Germany. The material was then introduced in India around 1980.
  • That’s when a second product of UPVC Material as Window & Doors was introduced in early 80’s in United Kingdom and Germany. And, then the product came into Indian Market around 1990-1991.
  • All the while, a third product of UPVC Material came as Roof, introduced in Asian Market around 20-25 years back, and then it was introduced in India around 2009!
  • Since then, we have been the pioneer manufacturer of UPVC Roofing Sheet.
  • We at Sun-Arch Industries possess high-level vision, aiming to help industries as well as factories which require our product!
  • That’s how we have high regards when it comes to Indian Market as well!
  • The UPVC Roofing Sheet is a very good material and used in almost every industry and has been a substitute for Metal Roof in order to avoid Weather as well as Chemical Corrosion at the same time.
  • Sun-Arch UPVC Roofing Sheet is the best option for Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.